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The Yashica Samurai X3.0 was donated by Mike Kahn. It's a half-frame 35mm camera


"(1988) The Samurai X3.0 was the first model of a series of ergonomic (built-to-fit-the-hand for one-hand operation), half-frame, "bridge" SLRs that Yashica manufactured beginning in 1988. It is a true SLR camera which makes it stand out from many point-and-shoot cameras, as does its half-frame format. The zoom covers a useful range -- 25-75mm in half-frame, which gives an image size approximately the same as a 35-105mm zoom in full-frame. The lens is threaded for a standard 49mm filter, and gives effective f-stops from f3.5 at wide angle to f4.3 at telephoto. The viewfinder has an adjustable diopter to fit sharpness to the user's vision. Shutter speeds range from 2 sec. to 1/500 sec. The shutter speeds and aperture are automatically set by the camera, and there are no manual settings. But there is a built-in flash which can be turned off, turned on, or left to operate in various automatic modes. An addition, a built-in hot-shoe allows for the use of more powerful flash units. The exposure, film advance and focusing are strictly automatic. The standard model is black, but the control buttons came in different colors, such as red, grey and green. Various accessories were available, such as wide and tele lens converters, cases, straps, etc. Uses one CR5 battery. There are several "sub-models". The most common is the left-handed version. There was also a clear, fully functioning model for demo purposes. Last, but not least was the Grand Prix 88, often called the gold version -- but it just has a gold shutter release and lens cap."

--From: Yashica documentation

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