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A Noisebridge member can give a person who has been excellent at Noisebridge an RFID Token. These tokens allow a person to access the space without ringing the doorbell during Noisebridge's daytime hours.


A person with daytime access...

  • ...can open the door at Noisebridge from 11 AM to 10 PM, 7 days a week.
  • ...can open the door from the outside, or can tap their token to let in a person who is ringing the doorbell.
  • ...has these privileges for 30 days, after which a member, at their sole discretion, can renew access.


A person with daytime access...

  • ...should close down the space at 10 PM, if there are no members/philanthropists in the space who will take responsibility for it.
  • ...must be willing and able to take responsibility for the space while they are there.
  • ...must be willing and able to take responsibility for any guests they let in.
  • ...should know how to close down the space, if they are the only people with access in the space at that time.

How to give access

A Member can give someone daytime access by tapping their card to the reader on the door, and pressing either [1] Grant Access if the person has not had daytime access on that card before, or [2] Upgrade if the person has ever had daytime access before, no matter how long ago it was.

When a member gives access, they should make sure that the person with daytime access...

  • ...will be an excellent part of Noisebridge's community.
  • ...knows how to let people in, including giving tours of the space, and taking responsibility for them,
  • ...knows how to close down the space.