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DefCON 17 will run from July 30 - Aug 2nd this year at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. Although rooms are being advertised at $89/night, at this time a call to hotel reservation line shows that the Riviera is nearly full-up and that there are very few rooms left at that price.


Proposals for DefCON meetup. The Toxic BBQ is Thursday night, and might be a good meetup place. We might also consider meeting up somewhere where all of us can hack/play/decompress/etc.


(Feel free to not list yourself if you don't want your name on a public page but then we can't find you can we?)

Who is going?

Martyn: Flying in on the 29th, staying at the Riv ( trying for poolside room )

ceren: driving out, arrival thursday. have room in car for 2 or 3 passengers. staying at Riviera, aim : cereaphic



Al B: staying at Caeser's.



Events that are known so far:

Thursday July 30th

  • Morning : DefCON Shootout ( starts as early as we can rally, open the range around 08:00, outta there absolutely by 12:00. (preferably back at hotel by then) )
  • DefCON 101 : ( 13:00 - 15:00 ) HighWiz, The Dark Tangent, Russr, DJ Jackalope, Deviant Ollam, Thorn, ThePrez98, LosT, Siviak
  • Pre-Con Introduction to Lock Picking : Alek Amrani
  • DEFCON 1 - A Personal Account : Dead Addict
  • Con Kung-Fu: Defending Yourself @ DEFCON : Rob "Padre" DeGulielmo
  • Hardware Black Magic - Building devices with FPGAs : Dr. Fouad Kiamilev
  • DCFluX in: The Man with the Soldering Gun : Matt Krick "DCFluX"
  • Effective Information Security Career Planning : Lee Kushner and Mike Murray
  • DC Network Session : Lockheed
  • So You Got Arrested in Vegas... : Jim Rennie ( USEFUL INFORMATION! )
  • Hacking with GNURadio : Videoman
  • Toxic BBQ : ( 15:00 - 17:30 Titanium Chef contest -- open grills 17:30 - 20:00 )
  • DefCON Forums Meet-up in Room #111 : 7:30pm to whenever (BYoB -- or more beer than that)
  • THE SUMMIT is Hosting in efforts as a fund raiser for the EFF and Make a Wish Foundation! THURSDAY NIGHT (July 30th) - TOP OF THE RIV (3 DJ's / Early party)

Friday July 31st

  • Pool Party : ( ??->23:00 w/ DJ, then -> 02:00 quiet )