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This consensus proposal describes the responsibilities of the treasurer, secretary, president, and board chairperson for maintaining critical infrastructure and administrative systems of Noisebridge.

In keeping with our ethos, this proposal describes responisibility without authority. The board officers and chair do not gain any special power from this proposal. Moreover, by creating clear channels of information and access to Noisebridge administration, it empowers community members who otherwise would need to navigate through opaque social systems to figure out how Noisebridge works and how to use our administrative tools.

The treasurer is responsible for:

1. Maintaining Noisebridge's bank accounts, donation systems, utility and rent payments, loan agreements (if any), equipment fund reimbursements as well as reimbursements from any other earmarked fund.

2. Tracking donations to and payments from all earmarked funds as well as the general fund.

3. Delivering regular public financial reports to the community.

4. Filing tax and legal paperwork to maintain Noisebridge's 501(c)(3) status.

5. Managing any regulatory or legal events that threaten Noisebridge's existence.

6. Maintaining insurance coverage for Noisebridge and its officers and directors.

The secretary is responsible for:

1. Actively maintaining records of our current membership and philanthropists/daemons, and making those records available as needed to members and the board.

2. Ensuring that weekly meetings occur and that notes are posted to the wiki, though the secretary need not personally host meetings, take notes, or post them.

3. Ensuring that consensus items are posted to the wiki, while in discussion, tabled, or consensed.

4. Keeping the maintainers of the access control system informed when a contributor's access has changed, so that they can update the system.

The president is responsible for:

1. Ensuring Noisebridge's technical infrastructure is maintained, including the wiki, mailing lists, Slack, and internal services.

2. Maintaining logins for our social media and mailing list admin systems, and granting or removing access to contributors as needed.

The board chairperson is responsible for:

1. Ensuring that Noisebridge always has a treasurer, secretary, and president, and that their responsibilities are being satisfied.

2. Running at least one board meeting per year, per legal requirements.

3. Running at least one board election per year, per legal requirements.