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The Noisebridge Digital Archivists group is for anyone interested in a range of topics including book scanning, digitizing video/audio, open access, creative commons, and more. We meet every Thursday at 6:30pm.

Join the mailing list here: digitalarchivists

Our first project is to build a book scanner at Noisebridge based on the open-source DIY Book Scanner design. Here's the scanner being assembled:


Meeting notes

2013-10-31 - reassembled scanner, looked at 'spreads' software, screen readers

2013-10-24 - disassembled and painted scanner parts

2013-10-17 - investigated glare and LED positioning, plan to paint black, 5mof presentation

2013-10-10 - mounted cameras, built trigger mechanism, wrote capture script

2013-10-03 - picked up scanner and equipment from internet archive

2013-07-27 - internet archive borrows the book scanner

2013-07-18 - 5mof presentation on book scanning

2013-07-08 - discussed scanner location, security, transportation, reimbursement, promotion. full notes: Digital Archivists 2013-07-08

2013-05-23 - scavenged and cut glass from flatbed scanners, plan to attend internet archive friday lunch

2013-04-30 - assembled scanner kit. needs cameras, glass, trigger mechanism, software

2013-04-21 - looked at reetz scanner and prism scanner, discussed content and licensing. will order reetz kit. full notes: Digital Archivists 2013-04-21

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