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first meeting notes

digital archivist group meeting notes 4/21/2013

9 people in attendence, Danny moderating introductions, danny discusses the impetus for calling the first meeting,

in attendance: danny N, dany Q, felipe, john, curtis, andrew, miloh, alan, kristina


we take a look at the reetz scanner with online videos... offer to get a proto for some discount under $500

and a look at dany Qs scanner, which costs more and has some failure rate issues but is a good direction to head in (whats the scope of the scanning problem, how many hours work would it take for all possible books to be scanned by attendant scanners?) folks don't want to put valuable books into a scanner that could destory or damage them, but the design should be worked on.

danny talks about myco books of rare value that aren't available. mushrooms, russia, and history from is a success story.

danny suggests scan for our purposes (archival and reference) and keep discussing licenssing issues to find ways to sucessfully get the content released.

public domain is discussed, copyright, usage guidelines,

documentation to accompany the scanner is discussed -- where to upload information and what kind of licensing issues exits.


committed to purchase the last of the diybookscanners from d. reetz, and work to get the remaining parts and get it built for use asap. We're also interested in building other models of scanners with different levels of automation and capability.

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