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Digital Archivists group meeting notes 7/8/2013

attending: danny, dany

Possible locations for Reetz scanner:


- what is its level of use?

- propose at general meeting

"SEM" room (back corner)

Security for IA cameras/computer:

- locking a room? (darkroom)

- locking down equipment?

Transporting scanner to IA for equipment loan, install, orientation:

- need a car!

Reimbursment for Reetz scanner ($500):

- ask noisebridge once scanner is operational

- consider asking the four other "core members" (Miloh, Felipe, John, Dany) to reimburse Danny $100 each, resulting in an even five-way stake ($100/person) in the kit. could incentivize the pursuit of noisebridge reimbursement by distributing debt evenly among the most active project members.


- improve wiki

- announce meetings on noisebridge-discuss

- announce on other lists with larger audience?

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