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Noisebridge has been equipped with DMX controlled light fixtures since NB10.
Lighting is set as a proscenium-style plot, facing the front of the Hackitorium.
Our setup is built using OpenLightingArchitecture and ArpNet.

- http://olaHackitorium.noise
- https://www.openlighting.org/ola/
- http://www.qlcplus.org/

What is still needed

- Draw an updated diagram for this wiki!
- Print out documentation for users in the space who wanting to disco!
- Add manufacturer documentation for each of our specific lights
- Modifying and extending our system via PD, Max/MSP, Python, LightKey MacOS app, etc.
- Additional documentation is needed for the wiki page + use of this awesome lighting!
- A physical DMX/Midi controller would be great for running scenes and lighting changes. Help set something up!
- 6 par can clamps for easier mounting.
- Integrate the lighting plot with our existing RGB Signage in the main Hackitorium.
- Integrate the lighting plot with our Flaschen-taschen protocol.

September 2018 Update

All lighting has been relocated from the SparkleForge and Noisesquare table to the main Hackitorium.

Light types

R - RGB ParCan
S - RGB Pin Spot
C - White Spot
D - disco ball

Map of types of lights

  R R

 S D S

Map of light numbers

  9 3
8 7 4 2

 6   5

Light numbers to DMX channels

Stage right

9 - 01-08
8 - 11-18
7 - 21-28

Stage left

3 - 31-38
2 - 41-48
4 - 51-58

Disco lights

6 - 61-66
5 - 71-76

OLA Server

Hostname: olaHackitorium.noise
IPv4 Address:
HTTP Admin Port: 9090
Also supports: Art-Net

OLA Admin Settings

Universe Id: 1
Universe Name: Hackitorium
Merge mode: LTP
Output Device: Anyma USB Device

Original Diagram from NB10 Party. No longer current as of 09/2018

DMX Lighting.jpg