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Discord is a multi-channel voice and chat application that is great for continuous voice, video, screen sharing, and live streaming conversations. At Noisebridge, we use it for most public conversation.

NOISEBRIDGE DISCORD JOIN LINK: https://discord.gg/kj2dkV3Pcv

Join our Discord[edit]

Click this link to join.

You'll find a #hackitorium channel for general chatting.

Other Hackerspace Discords[edit]

Other Discord servers[edit]

If you want to join an uwu discord server, you can join it here: https://discordserverlists.com/uwu-discord/

Discord Weaknesses[edit]

  • Discord is closed-source
  • Discord isnot encrypted
  • Discord collects and stores all your data for 2 years or more according to their privacy policy.
  • Read more about Discord on their Discord Wikipedia page

Discord IRC Bridge Bot[edit]

Also testing https://www.npmjs.com/package/discord-irc as a bot to connect #noisebridge (irc.hackint.org) to noisebridge discord #irc

You'll possibly see a x-discord-irc "bot" in a #irc channel, you can chat either in irc or discord and the messages will be relayed.

discord-irc (x-discord-irc "bot") config.js

  // Bot 1 (minimal configuration):
    "nickname": "x-irc-discord",
    "server": "irc.hackint.org",
    "discordToken": "PRIVATE_DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN",
    "channelMapping": {
      "#irc": "#noisebridge"