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Discuss is our current forum style discussion platform, built with Discourse forum software You can learn more about how Discuss is maintained by clicking here.


  • Easy as possible account creation.
  • or, login directly from your Google or Facebook account.
  • Anonymous posting is allowed.
   Being excellent still applies!
  • Subscribe to any post be adding .rss to the url
  • Subscribe to the Events calendar via .ical

What is Discourse?[edit]

The project is fully open source on Github, plus you can join the meta Discourse forum to ask questions.

How do I update the forum to the latest release?[edit]

  1. Join Unicorn for SSH access
  2. Check most recent backups under /var/discourse/shared/standalone/backups/default/
  3. If needed, create a backup with these instructions.
   $ cd /var/discourse
   $ ls /var/discourse/shared/standalone/backups/default/
   # ./containers rebuild redis
   # ./containers rebuild mail-receiver
   # ./containers rebuild data
   # ./containers rebuild app

The forum should be back online and happy! If you run into trouble you can ask https://meta.discourse.org for assistance.

What if I want to help improve Discuss?[edit]

Please do. We'd love your input and assistance. Below are some of the many available additions...

Wishlist additions include, or are not limited to:

  • Meetup Calendar overview embed
  • Meetup Calendar events -> Discourse Calendar
  • Instagram Gallery -> Discourse Photo Gallery
  • Adding Oauth and SSO support for web services
  • Trello cards -> Discourse Kanboard board for a particular category
  • Read-only mirror of Announce mailing list -> Discourse Announcements category
  • Read-only mirror of Discuss mailing list -> General sub-category
  • Adding shared chats with Slack, Gamebridge, NGALAC (trust)
  • Meetup Events & Comments RSS subscription -> Discourse (trust)
  • Facebook messenger page comments -> Discourse (trust)
  • Discourse monkbot for sharing content from Slack -> Discourse (trust)
  • Stripe donation updates (trust)
  • Build out Badge System that reflects Guild framework