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  • Easy as possible account creation.
  • or, login directly from your Google or Facebook account.
  • Anonymous posting is allowed.
   Being excellent still applies!
  • Subscribe to any post be adding .rss to the url
  • Subscribe to the Events calendar via .ical

What is Discuss?

Our current forum style discussion platform, built with Discourse forum software You can learn more about how Discuss is maintained by clicking here.

What is Discourse?

The project is fully open source on Github, plus you can join the meta Discourse forum to ask questions.

What if I want to help improve Discuss?

Please do. We'd love your input and assistance. Below are some of the many available additions...

Wishlist additions include, or are not limited to:

  • Meetup Calendar overview embed
  • Meetup Calendar events -> Discourse Calendar
  • Jitsi video integration in particular channels
  • Instagram Gallery -> Discourse Photo Gallery
  • Adding Oauth and SSO support for web services
  • Trello cards -> Discourse Kanboard board for a particular category
  • Etherpad or CodiMD integration for embedded meeting notes
  • Read-only mirror of Announce mailing list -> Discourse Announcements category
  • Read-only mirror of Discuss mailing list -> General sub-category
  • Building out Trust levels that allow adding sensitive services
  • Adding shared chats with Slack, Gamebridge, NGALAC, Peoplesopen (trust)
  • Meetup Events & Comments RSS subscription -> Discourse (trust)
  • Zoom video integration in particular channels (trust)
  • Facebook messenger page comments -> Discourse (trust)
  • Discourse monkbot for sharing content from Slack -> Discourse (trust)
  • Patreon, Stripe, Paypal donation updates (trust)
  • Build out Badge System that reflects Guild framework
  • Adding Stripe Donations and user badges
  • Adding Patreon Donations, SSO, and user badges