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Magaly, a young woman in a pain situation
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What appeared to be a normal pregnancy has become one of the most difficult moments that Claudia Magaly passes due to a strange condition: she suffers from gigantomastia. What appeared to be a normal pregnancy has become for Claudia Magaly, 23, one of the most painful and sad chapters of her life.

The young woman, who became a mother for the second time, has undergone a series of changes in her body, which have transformed her life, since from October to date her breasts have grown so that each now weighs About 10 kilograms.

According to the testimony of the young woman, who is hospitalized at the 66th Regional Regional Hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), she suffers from gigantism, a disease that causes the breasts to grow during pregnancy.
"I got pregnant with my second baby, everything was fine. In the third month my breasts started to grow, but I became normal because of pregnancy, and in the last months they grew so much that I could not move or walk alone and I should sleep straight so I did not crush them ", commented NORTH Claudia Magali, who until yesterday was still hospitalized.
Everything was fine Claudia says that before her pregnancy the size of her breasts was normal, like that of a 23-year-old girl. Before suffering the disease weighed about 55 kilograms, which are according to her height of 1.59 meters, now her weight is greater than 70 kilos because each breast weighs 10 kilos.
In her family there is no case like hers, so she does not know the exact reason why this situation happened to her. "I have these huge breasts and I just know they were born to me because of the pregnancy. Before it was a B-cup, normal, nothing exaggerated. When I started to see the change in my breasts I did the test of pregnancy that came out positive, from the first month I felt my breasts were rare, but already in the third began to grow more, "he said.
It was in August of 2016 when Claudia Magali learned that she was pregnant and in October of that same year she went to the IMSS to be reviewed because of the pain she had in her breasts.
"They did not do much to me, they gave me medicine for the pain, but that was it. I stayed a week in the hospital, they had a biopsy, but they did not tell me the results, then I was discharged, "she said.
During the following months, Claudia Magali continued to see growth in her breasts, despite the fact that she received no medical attention, despite the pain in them being strong. "By January 24 I could not stand the pains in my chest, I could not move anymore, just being in bed, I had ulcers in the left breast, so I was brought with the doctor and left me hospitalized because the Baby was at risk, since that date only reassure me the pain, "she said.
Last Saturday the young woman had a cesarean due to the risk of pregnancy, since the baby did not have amniotic fluid.
"My baby is fine, they tell me that he only needs calcium, he was born at seven months. Since Sunday I do not see a specialist, they told me that until today they will come to review what happens in my breasts, because with the baby they could not do anything, nor give me any treatment, "she explained.
She will see a specialist. Yesterday Claudia was still hospitalized at the IMSS, waiting for this day to arrive so that for the first time the institution's specialists could review her case and be able to follow up.
"I'm going to do a heart exam and then they'll see what more actions to take in relation to my breasts. My back hurts a lot, I'm starting to get ulcers again, they burn me and everything they put me hurts, "she said.
For the young girl of just 23 years, the problem has not only been physical, because her condition has changed her life because of the teasing and comments she received every day on the street and at school.
"It has been a situation that has depressed me a lot. In school they would tell me things, they insulted me, in the street too, and even my partner got into a fight with those I lacked respect from. My little daughter asks me if she will be like that, it's something that I do not want for anyone, "she said.
According to medical data, massive mammary gigantism or hypertrophy occurs due to excessive hormonal stimulation or hypersensitivity. During pregnancy the case should be treated with drugs and in the postpartum, depending on the case, breast reduction and surgical reconstruction are recommended.
"I just hope to be well and that today I'm checked, it saddens me and despairs me to be like this; I have the support of my partner and my family but I already want to be well, "she added.
It is expected that today the woman will be reviewed by IMSS specialists so that they can give a version on the matter.

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Typically when someone wants to do or change something big at Noisebridge, they bring it up at a meeting and it goes through our Consensus Process. Most of the time many of us just don't want to be troubled with spending a week figuring out if everyone is ok with a small or mundane thing, and so there's Do-ocracy. Do-ocracy tends to work just as long as our only rule is followed, to be excellent to each other.

Do-ocracy: If you want something done, do it, but remember to be excellent to each other when doing so.

An important part of being excellent is documenting your change. Write a note on Noisebridge's ChangeLog, or leave a note on what you do-ocratically did. Contact numbers are especially important if you want people to contact you about the change. The biggest challenge in a do-acracy is not reversal, but ascertaining (and taking) responsibility.

Use Cases

The Short Version

  1. Dick asks around if anyone would feel negative about the bike shed being pink. No one does.
  2. Dick paints the bike shed pink.

The Being Excellent To Each Other Version

  1. Dick paints the bike shed pink.
  2. Jane becomes unhappy about the fact that the bike shed she helped build is now pink.
  3. Jane politely engages Dick in discussion about why he thought this was ok. Dick realized that other people he shares the space with have feelings too.
  4. Jane and Dick decide to repaint the bike shed blue.


  • Do-ocracy works most of the time. When it doesn't, it sort of sucks.
  • Write a note (with your name or nym) saying what you did.
  • If someone nicely asks you to change something back, be nice back and just change it back.
  • If someone's being a dick to you about something you've changed, be nice and just change it back. If you must cry about it only do so after you've restored things.
  • When Do-Ocracy means Consent.

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