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The Queen regarded me for a few moments, obviously concentrating on the 13 inch long, 3 inch thick pole that stuck out between my legs. She grinned lewdly and said in perfect, accent-free English, "I think he'll do nicely. Won't you, little man?" I was speechless.

"So," she said as she rose from her seat, "I'll bet you're wondering exactly why you're here. I'll tell you." She reached down and cradled both her breasts in her arms, stroking the nipples gently with her thumbs. "I am a queen, the queen of the Pyen-Yang-Lon. We are an ancient race, driven from our homeland to this land almost two centuries ago. As the queen, I must insure the well-being of my loyal subjects." As if on cue, two of the leather clad women went to her and dropped to their knees before her. The Queen held her mighty breasts from beneath and pushed her thick nipples toward them. They latched on and began to suck, each one grabbing onto a titanic mammary and lovingly stroking and kneading as they eagerly devoured the Queen's mighty nips.

"These," she said, indicating her oversized breasts, "are the mark of my office. These are the treasure of my people." There was a dreamy tone in her voice as she said this. The women at her breasts were sucking for all they were worth and shaking like leaves. I could see nectar dripping from their openings, and one was already furiously finger-fucking herself with on hand as she held onto a fistful of flesh with the other. Madame Twon, for her part, smiled benignly at me. My poor, neglected cock was jumping with every beat of my racing heart. Clear fluid oozed copiously from the tip.

"You are here," continued the Queen, "to help bring in new recruits. You saw the girl in the other room when she was changed into one of us; she volunteered. You see, Pyen-Yang- Lon are not born. We must _make_ them from mortal human women."

I found my voice finally. "Mortal?"

"Yes. We are not mortal. We live forever, as long as we have food. Some of us are very ancient. How old do you think _I_ am?"

"30?", I guessed.

"No, far beyond that. I'm just over 300 years old. I have been the queen for more than 275 years. I will be the queen forever."

"Long live the Queen!", exclaimed Twon and the woman with nothing in her mouth.

The two women sucking the Queen's tits, meanwhile, had become lost in paroxysms of ecstasy. It was more than obvious that they were cumming repeatedly while they suckled. Liquid squirted from their slippery wet slits and they moaned and gasped softly as they fed.

"I still don't understand. What does any of this have to do with me?"

The Queen looked to be amused by this. "You, Art - may I call you Art? - are going to gather new recruits for us. You are going to be my newest henchman. It will be your job to bring women here, and they will be made into new subjects for me. You will also see to the enjoyment of all my subjects, in whatever way they command from you. And you had best satisfy my commands, Art. You've already seen what happens to candidates for this job who don't do what's required of them."

The two women at the Queen's breasts finally let her swollen nipples slip out of their lips. The nipples glistened with saliva and bounced invitingly. The sensation caused the Queen to catch her breath, and she again cradled her immense tits in her arms. The women fell back on the floor and shifted around so that they could bury their faces in each other's crotches. Their sounds of pleasure were muffled in their cunts as they ate each other in a passionate sixty-nine, humping and grinding their dripping twats against each other's faces. Within moments, both of them came in unison, leaking an ocean of sweet juice over each others mouths. Madame Twon and the other woman were locked in a tight embrace, meanwhile, grinding their tits and pelvises together in long, slow circles. As soon as the first pair of women had finished, they too approached the Queen and latched onto her mighty tits. Madame Twon let her skirt fall to the floor and grabbed her exaggerated clit between both hands, rolling and kneading the three-inch long protuberance fervently as she sucked sweet, warm milk from the nipple of her monarch.

The Queen regarded me with lust-filled eyes and asked, "What do you think, Art? Think you can do the job? You can start with my two loyal subjects there. But remember, if you cum, you die."

The two women squealed delightedly and walked over to me. One stood directly before my face, legs akimbo, and spread the juicy, red lips of her cunt apart. I knew what I was supposed to do; I found her clitoris and licked and sucked, grinding my chin into her vaginal crack. The other woman stood behind her, shoving her pussy against her friend's ass and clamping both hands over her friend's 60-inch mountains, tugging lightly at the nipples so that little jets of milk sprayed out. Rich dew trickled freely from the throbbing pussy in my face as I buried myself deeply in the soft, slippery hole.

The woman I was eating turned around and faced her friend. Their lips parted to accept each other's tongues, and they kissed wildly. I stood up and slid my cock between the nearest woman's legs, and it was long enough to emerge beneath her and allow the other woman to get it between her legs, too. The wiggled their hot beavers on my aching dick as they kissed, so that my pole was partially swallowed by two juicy cunts. The excitement mounted and I thought I'd lose control, but I gritted my teeth and held back as hard as I could.

Twon and the other woman at the Queen's breast finished and fell away. They lay on the floor side-by-side, each with her fingers disappearing into the others hole. The Queen watched it all approvingly. She grabbed her tits and hugged them to her lithe body, pushing them up so that she could kiss them and rub her face against them as the orgy went on. She sat back down on her couch and spread her legs wide apart, pushing one of her tits between. She pushed hard into her breast, her hands nearly disappearing into the soft flesh. She rolled it against her pussy, and suddenly an ocean of cum began to flow over the edge of the couch and onto the floor, mingling with the drip of mother's milk that leaked from her. Twon and her lover peaked quickly, screaming out their lust in quivering ecstasy as they soaked each other's hands with their free-flowing cunt-juice.

The two women I was pleasuring were now shoving their breasts together as they ground their pussies against my twitching shaft. They, too, came in gushes of wet joy that flowed over my cock and down the insides of their long legs. They moved away from me, leaving me standing there with pussy juice dripping from the entire length of my foot-plus penis.

All four women then went to the queen, who was now sucking at the flesh of one breast as she ground the other against her hot box. They surrounded her, caressing and kissing her lovingly as she masturbated. Two women now got hold of each fantastic tit, lifting it away so that I could see the Queen's wide-open hole. They rubbed their faces lovingly against the Queen's breasts, tongues snaking out to lick the tits and kiss each other. Madame Twon motioned for me to approach and I did so, a lump in my throat at the sight of the splay-legged queen with her huge tits held in the air by her subjects.

"First, Art," gasped the Queen, "let me explain how this works for you. You see, as I said, we're not human. We are Pyen-Yang- Lon; our food is the life energy of humans, the qi. We get this from them by using sex with men. You men are our meat and drink. We fuck each other for pleasure; we fuck you for food. When one of us fucks a man, we absorb as much of his qi as we can when he cums, and the qi gets turned into milk and stored in our breasts. But my subjects can't digest their own food; they have to give it to me first. And then, when they need it, I give it back to them. I only take a very little bit for myself. The more subjects I have, the more qi I have to store up in my beautiful tits, so they can suck it out when they need it. Each of my subjects can store up the qi of several men; the more they store, the bigger their bust gets, and the more milk they make. I've just given out a lot of qi, Art, and I need some of yours to replace it. I'm very hungry. Come here."

I approached as close as I could, standing between the legs and tits of Yang-Qi Li Yen. She reached down and grasped my cock, pulling it into her hole. It was hot and wet, and seemed to vibrate as my tremendous dick disappeared into it. The feeling was too much to take, and my hips took on a life of their own as I pounded myself into the Queen's nearly-hairless box. She leaned her head back and groaned. Her four subjects ran their hands, lips and tongues all over her tits, causing little drops of milk to hang wetly at her nipples. I took one of these between my fingers and pinched and twisted it, eliciting a cry of pleasure from the Queen. Her cum was flowing like a river, dripping audibly onto the floor from the edge of the couch. She came like an animal, bucking her hips against me so hard that it almost knocked me down. As she snapped into a backward-arching position, her subjects lost their grip on her breasts, and they swung together around me, enfolding me in their perfumed soft heat.

"Pull out! Pull out!", cried the Queen, and I slipped my cock from her seething pussy. "Fuck my tits, right now! Put your cock between my giant breasts and fuck them, slave!"

The Queen laid back on the couch, holding up her tits so that I could straddle her waist and then letting them flop against me. I pushed my aching dick between the quivering mounds of flesh and grabbed one tit in the crook of each arm, pushing them together and fucking them with the liquid that coated my cock as a perfect lubricant. With her gigantic mammaries supported by my arms, her nipples were practically at face level. I took full advantage of this, sucking at one tit as I forced my dick back and forth between the mountains. Barely a trickle of milk escaped them, but what little did tasted sweeter than anything I've tasted before or since, and seemed to set every nerve in my body on fire. I heaved my cock harder and harder. The Queen moaned softly, and her subjects stood about silently watching us.

The Queen reached up from behind me and grabbed my ass, hugging my groin into her breasts. I could feel her pulse from deep within her chest as I gave a few more strokes, and then came. I came like never before; I just kept shooting and shooting, until my cum leaked from between the tops of her breasts and ran down to her chest. The Queen ran her finger over the little streams and sucked my semen from their tips. I must have kept cumming for five minutes or so, letting loose a pint or so. It all seemed to simply disappear into her skin.

I felt a last spasm coarse through my body, from my groin to my brain, and let the Queen's hot tits fall to either side, showering her face with my spunk. She licked it eagerly from her lips and smiled a satisfied little smile.

The intensity of my orgasm overwhelmed me, and I slipped again into unconsciousness.