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* [[User:Tdfischer]]
* [[User:Tdfischer]]
* [[User:Patrickod]]
* [[User:Patrickod]]
* [[User:Lxpk]]
* '''You!?'''
* '''You!?'''

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Documentation Working Group
We don't know how Noisebridge works, but we'll write it down anyways

Noisebridge is cryptic at times. Most of the time, actually.

How does Noisebridge work? That is a damn fine question, but who really knows, eh?

The purpose of the Documentation Working Group is to encourage and maintain the documentation of noisebridge.

The first meeting of the Documentation WG is Thursday, September 18th, 2014 at 7 PM

Things we do


Collaboration by all interested parties present and future is key here; not power-seeking control!
We the underhacked have pledged to contribute to the never-ending task of scribbling down things about Noisebridge:


  • #docs-wg on Slack
  • Probably some sort of regular gathering of documentation hackers?
  • Maybe even a monthly wiki sprint!
This page is maintained by the Documentation Working Group.

If technical writing is your thing, you should consider helping out by editing this page!

Document ALL The Things!