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We're the documentation working group! We meet Mondays @ 6PM in Noisebridge to talk about reducing the bus factor of Noisebridge.


  • Signage is ongoing. Make/Suggest signs that should exist or changes to improve them.
  • Labels need to go directly on everything, whereas the sign may go next to it with more info.
  • Promotion group creates updated bulletins about things happening at the space and promotes them to the outside world.

In Progress

  • Hackstations (Kiosk enclosures for major tools/activity areas with attendant pegboard for attaching relevant bookshelves/supplies relevant and Signage elevated above it to make it easy to find with instructions for use.)


Projects that need love to get working again.


  • NoiseFacts is an idea for a small printed version of the manual for new arrivals.

Upcoming Meeting

We are going to have another meeting soon to discuss printing/lasercutting/constructing kiosks for Signage, wiki docs, etc.

Meeting Notes

We meet sometimes. Here are some meeting notes

Taking care of our projects

Every wiki page that Docsbridge works on needs to be tagged with the following template:


This will ensure that it has the following notice at the bottom and that we can keep tabs on these pages and keep them in good working order.

This page is maintained by the Documentation Working Group. If technical writing is your thing, you should consider helping out by editing this page! | Document ALL The Things! YES, ALL THE THINGS | Edit