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(Meeting notes for the Documentation Working Group 25th of September 2014.)
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Overview of last week's discussion
Overview of last week's discussion
== Attendees ==
== Attendees ==

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Overview of last week's discussion


Misc required things for the space[edit]

  • Get a printer working
  • Notetaker co-piloting

Wiki issues[edit]

  • Migrate to somethign else?
  • The issue isn't the wiki itself, its the people
  • Operating the wiki is a kind of cultural litmus test
  • It isn't flexible enough for what Noisebridge needs
  • It looks horrible, needs a nice facelift
  • Markdown! We should have it! + 1
  • print view of pages
  • customizable CSS for the frontpage
  • integration with social media accounts
  • Ban documentation
  • What if someone leaves stuff in the donation box?
  • Core infrastructure issues within the actual community/organization


  • Cash box overhead
    • Where does it need to go?
      • Needs to get into the treasurer's hands
      • Some monthly reporting
      • How to close the space?
        • Trash, check cash box, clear out non-guests, a copy of retail procedures

Action items:

  • Throw a persistent docs-wg pad on the wiki somewhere
  • A print media CSS stylesheet of the wiki
  • Trello: https://trello.com/b/jtTlEbNF
  • Get a docs-wg team/project on github.com/noisebridge
  • wiki/Help page: fixing the elevator
  • A shitton of SASE deposit slips to Wells-Fargo to lower the treasurer threashold
    • Some printout of instructions on how to accomplish said donations
  • Set up a ban wiki for internal use only
  • Get spiff hacked together on Ratchet
  • Investigate other wiki options

Things that eventually need documented:

  • Closing procedures for the space

donation box procedure (members only):

  1. count the money at the end of the day
  2. vouch with a second person for the balance
  3. insert $$$ into envelope, write amount onto envelope
  4. Fillout Deposit slip
  5. Notify the Treasurer
  6. Drop off envelopes to Wells Fargo
  7. Collect Deposit Slip and give to Treasurer

Kiosk ideas:

  • Map of the space
  • Links to the manual
  • Who is banned, etc
  • Schedules
  • Sign Ups