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What is it?

Donate For Tor is a collaboration between the EFF, Tor, and Noisebridge to promote Tor, bring more awareness to the hackerspaces movement, and make contributing to Tor accessible to nontechnical people.

How does it work?

Someone goes to the website, picks the package they want, and purchases the package. The system then donates money to appropriate nonprofits based on the selected package, and spins up a Tor node. People can elect to "adopt" a Tor node for a select time period (month, year, etc) or choose a recurring donation model.

What is Noisebridge's role?

Noisebridge itself will do nothing, but individual people within Noisebridge are helping to maintain the technical side of it. Noisebridge will also get to receive donations!

What can I do to help?

We're currently working on setting up the infrastructure to make the process of donation and setting up new Tor nodes as easy as possible. If you don't feel comfortable helping with technical tasks, please feel free to promote the project and get other people involved and supporting it.