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This page is for consensus item drafts so that:

  • people can easily share ideas with a record of changes
  • avoid creating time pressure for community members by introducing items before sufficient discussion has happened
Date First Discussed Proposed By Informal Title Summary Author of this Record

September 15, 2021 Fnord COVID-19 vaccination requirement; honor system prefered For the next 90 days unless explicitly renewed by fresh Consensus:

When taking appropriate responsibility for introducing a new person into the physical space, it is expected that vaccination status may be explicitly discussed (briefly and respectfully) to communicate the clear Consensus of Noisebridge that for safety of all participants, people not currently vaccinated against COVID-19 may not be permitted to come inside without good reason for any exception.

Respecting preference for anonymity and discouraging pointless "papers please" scenarios should generally preclude checking vaccine cards and especially any associated demands for identification without good reason for any exception (such as special events or legal requirements).

March 16, 2021 Pyconaut Set Aside 150k for Instalation of an Elevator at 272 Capp We have an offer to install an elevator at Noisebridge for about 100k, might be a bit more for the extra work nessasary to prep the area (landing area), and will probably be close to 120k.

Extra money not spent on elevator would go into an ADA upkeep fund for long term upkeep of the elevator and other ADA items in the space (doors, bathrooms, desks).

But to be safe we should set aside an extra bit of money for (unforseen issues (redirecting Pipes or Whatnot)).

Or we could put that extra money into an elevator and ADA upkeep fund for long term upkeep of the elevator and other ADA items in the space.

This Item will also have a 1 month research period for seeing if there are any better offers that people can find for installing the elevator.

January 23, 2021 Be excellent to each other. & party on.
November 17, 2020 fnord Temporary Provisional Capacity Cap at Capp Under Construction in this Time of Contagion Regarding 272 Capp Street and the expeditious buildout thereof:

0) Respecting (recently updated) SF requirements relating to coronavirus pandemic, Noisebridge is temporarily closed for "business as usual". Whatever details, safe to say for the foreseeable future: no in-person "events" (classes, tours, parties, etc). And most activities related to the buildout should probably hold off for now. Take a break folks!

1) Going forward, limit number of people indoors at 272 Capp to 3 downstairs and 3 upstairs - whenever volunteers can safely get back to work building out the new space.

2) Scheduled volunteers building out the new space will be supported in their relentless pursuit of excellence. Knowledgeable volunteers are encouraged to facilitate safe and productive use of the space.

3) Prioritizing projects to safely open the the space for more participants - ventilation and making good use of the outdoor space. Allocate funds and encourage donations for these "phase zero" buildout expenses - and budget $1000 for JD to expedite initial shopping list for Moving The Project(s) Forward.

4) Consider any and all of these extraordinary restrictions to be automatically obsolete by (at the latest) March 14th 2021 and open to reasonable modifications as things change. Probably should refresh details and reconfirm relevance at least every month or so.

Anyway. This proposal for (formal) Consensus claims to reflect the current state of affairs and concerns of volunteers working to build out the space, Further suggestions, questions, support (and moar volunteers!) from the broader Noisebridge community would be most welcome at this point.

March 24, 2020 SHUT IT DOWN! For the upmost safety and excellence of humanity, noisebridge is hereby CLOSED until further notice.
March 24, 2020 OPEN IT UP! Noisebridge is as open as possible, noisebridge is hereby OPEN.
May 22, 2018 John Shutt Defining Board Officer and Chairperson Roles Text here: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Defining-Roles John Shutt

22 May 2018 Beka Philanthropy Renaming Rename Philanthropists to Daemons and update all the relevant related words in parallel ways. Beka
22 May 2018 Beka Document and Do-ocratize Infrastructure Noisebridge will document it's infrastructure (including access control, wikipedia and social media accounts, domain names, financial record keeping and related accounts), and build tools to reduce or eliminate the reliance on trusted individuals, so as to prevent those items of infrastructure from becoming unusable or unmaintainable in the case that those trusted individuals cease to be readily contactable. All such tools will aim to maximize decentralized do-ocratic participation, transparency, and accountability, and minimize secrecy and concentration of power. As part of this, it is necessary to answer the following questions:

1) How can these pieces of infrastructure be accessed without significant vulnerabilities? I.E. what does it mean to access NB's Twitter account in an accountable way? How does that compare to bank information? To domain names? What conditions are appropriate for each such piece of infrastructure, to allow access to working groups building tools?

2) What tools can be made to provide decentralizeddo-ocratic control and accountability? What information must be shared, when, and how can that sharing be guaranteed?

3) Who will build the tools, write the documentation, etc.?

When these three questions can be answered, access will be granted to these tools. The system of trusted individuals may continue to exist as a fallback, if desirable, but will not be the sole way to manage this infrastructure thereafter.


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