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Welcome to the Noisebridge Dwarf Fortress Page!

Dwarf Fortress is an amazingly complex yet low-fi real-time strategy / world-building game, with dwarves! Actually, it's much more than just a game. You can create complex mechanisms that model things such as Turing complete computers and calculators for example (see more computing projects here).

This page is for those people interested in learning how to play and/or those who are already experienced who wish to share tips and what not. Feel free to make use of the discussion tab above as well.

DF Installation @ Noisebridge: Permanent Succession Games

On January 20, 2017, Dwarf Fortress claimed a permanent settlement at Noisebridge. Strike the earth!

DF Station

How To

Keep playing where the last person left off!

A succession game means that people alternate and the fortress belongs to everyone until it succumbs gloriously to starvation, the goblins, or the clowns. Even in extreme circumstances, dwarf fortress always seems to yield more fun, so try to keep things going until it is boring.

When the fortress inevitably dies, please make a new fortress in the same world. Over time a world is affected by each fortress, and it is possible to "reclaim" an abandoned fortress later; a very fun way to play.

Remember: losing is fun!


Press ESC and choose "Save Game". This is how you exit.

DO NOT: "Abandon Fortress" or "Succumb to the invasion" -- the fortress will be destroyed.

Backing Up

The game crashes just enough to be a pain, because that's really fun. Be sure to back up the world into ~/backups after something epic. Example: "$ zip -r ~/backups/df.bkp.YYYY.MM.DD.hh.mm.zip ~/bin"


The mac mini runs GNU/Linux Ubuntu 16.04.1.

A "Dwarf Fortress" launch icon exists on the desktop.

The dwarf fortress install is wrapped by python-lnp and available on the system path.

Improvement Needed

  • add dwarf fortress theme art to this area
  • bolt down the mac mini so that it doesn't walk off
  • add dwarf therapist and dfhack to python-lnp
  • add links to simon swerwer soundcloud albums on the desktop


  • Lets schedule an event!


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These tips are six years old. They need curated, many need deleted.