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| dsniezko at sonic net
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The ESP8266 is a small, low-cost wifi-talking board. It's the new center of the Internet of Things. Originally intended as a "wifi modem", it exposes the WiFi interface over AT-style commands.

Some hackers immediately noticed there is a general-purpose microcontroller on the box, and made a firmware for it that takes Lua programs. Now you don't need another microcontroller. Sweet!


For full specs, see [1]. Important facts:

  • 3.3v *only* - 5v will let out the majikul smoke
  • Some reports say 1A current draw, others say 250 mA
  • Talks 802.1n, supports most major auth types.

There are a number of ESP8266 hardware versions. The ones of interest are:

  • ESP1: 8 pins (basically one I/O plus power, etc.). Breadboard friendly (2.54mm), but not useful standalone
  • ESP12: 16 pins (I/O, power, 9 GPIO). Non-breadboard friendly: 2mm pin spacing


Folks seem to use NodeMCU, a Lua based firmware, when using the ESP alone.

Group order 01/2015

Prices are from the same store, and are competitive within a few cents.

  • ESP-12, Without breakout (Option A): $2.60 aliex
  • ESP-12, with breakout board, battery socket, resistors, and power regulator (2.54mm pitch): $4.50 aliex

Order Participants

Put your name, email, and quantity of With and Without breakout desired.

Name Email No Breakout Breakout
Casey c1@caseyc.net 0 3
Adrian adrian@freebsd 0 5
Naomi naomi at nthmost 0 4
Dana dsniezko at sonic net 0 7
Patrick p@trickod.com 0 4
Les Jones 0 2
Brad brad.schwagler at gmail 0 2
Torrie tdfischer at hackerbots 10 0
Jake jake at spaz odt org 0 2
Henner h.zeller at acm.org 10 0
John E. neurofog@gmail.com 2 0
Yer name Yer email -1 -1