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Following a very successful and popular Eagle CAD workshop back in April, we'll be having another one on Monday, June 15 at 7:00 pm.

Potential Topics

The following will be way too much for one and a half hours. Feel free to add topics, then let's use the talk page to vote for what we want most to cover.

  • Review of last time
    • What is EAGLE, 15 minute refresher on making a schematic and laying out a board.
  • Expanding into new topics
    • Making custom devices and libraries
      • How to make the pin outs and footprints from a data sheet, possibly recycling someone else's similar part.
      • How to label the part correctly and control what layers show on the board view (this can be confusing!)
    • Autorouting design rules
    • Error checking
    • Exporting gerber files and using a CAM processor
      • Checking the gerber files in a non-Eagle viewer program