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I'm Earl, I'm a computer.

Requesting access token changes

New philanthropist

  1. Find the user id of your RFID card by tapping it on the control panel; for new RFID cards, the user id will start with < and end with >. Ex. <u2967-4500>
  2. Send your user id (as text, including angle brackets), a name/nym (short and alphanumeric), an email you'd like associated with your philanthropy, and a link to the meeting notes where you were made a philanthropist to an active Earl admin.

Earl Internals

Users file

Earl has a file (/var/access/users.csv) with user and access level data in it. Please treat the file as confidential and sensitive. The file is in csv format with the following columns: name, contact info (usually email (preferred) or "[name]@slack"), user level / status (user, philanthropist, member, fulltimeuser, or hiatus), sponsors (sponsor codes separated by semicolons), valid from (e.g. "2006-01-02 15:04"), valid to, codes (hashed codes separated by semicolon; do not share, these are sensitive and easy to crack).

Changing a new RFID card's user level

  1. Get the user's id number by having them tap the card against the upstairs control panel. It should be of the form <uHHHH-HHHH> where H is a hexadecimal character.
  2. Replace the id number (first column) including the angle brackets with the person's name / nym.
  3. Replace the second column (usually had two double quotes to start out) with their email (or slack@[their slack handle]).
  4. Change third column from "user" to the desired access level.

Changing access level of RFID card with contact

  1. Grep / search for the person using their contact info or name / nym.
  2. Change the third column to the target access level.