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Noisebridge Educational Outreach

Over the last couple of years after the Great Reboot of 2014, Noisebridge has again risen up from the ashes and the space is again a great place where many come to learn, build, hack, and of course teach. One of the next steps many of us want to take is to take education at Noisebridge to the next level. We want to increase the educational impact Noisebridge brings to the community by providing the following:

  • More classes inside the space
  • More classes outside of Noisebridge
  • Connecting with schools, universities, libraries, and other educational institutions to help improve the overall education of the community.
  • Having field trips for students, educators, and give group tours of the space.
  • To bring part of the hacker space to other locations to demonstrate the possibilities of what it can do for teachers and students.
  • Assist other educational institutions to build, and create hacker and maker spaces in their own locations and communities.

On Thursday 4/6/2017 we will have our first education meeting at Noisebridge where we will discuss this initiative as well as way of supporting such a program for example through Fiscal Sponsorship.

Treasurer's Notes[edit]

For a fiscal sponsorship proposal for consensus, we would need a one-pager or two-pager posted publicly and an explanation of how the project would fulfill the terms of the grant.

For Noisebridge back office administration, we need new standard documents, including:

  • Independent contractor agreements (for people being paid through Noisebridge with grant money)