Electrical Cleanup

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=== Global ===
=== Global ===
* No cat5 on power tracks
* No cat5 on power tracks
* No uncovered wires
* <strike>No uncovered wires</strike>
* No uncovered junction boxes
* <strike>No uncovered junction boxes</strike>
=== Church area ===
=== Church area ===

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Things we need to do.


[edit] Global

  • No cat5 on power tracks
  • No uncovered wires
  • No uncovered junction boxes

[edit] Church area

  • Remove or fix missing fluorescent light cover by DJ booth
  • Tie down loose armored cable by DJ booth
  • Add outlet cover to DJ booth external outlet
  • Remove all extension cords
  • Wire up existing empty boxes with outlets.

[edit] Library area

  • Clean up loose armored cable leading to yellow post switch

[edit] Turing

  • Disconnect bad fluorescent light

[edit] Electronics benches

  • Determine if connecting E-bench power strips to power tracks is OK
  • Clean up fraying supply wire from power track

[edit] Hackatorium

  • Cover up abandoned / obsolete ceiling junction box
  • Remove bad fluorescent light above collaboration station
  • Install missing fluorescent light cover in member shelves
  • Remove member shelf 'E' (blocking panel)
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