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Electronics Guild does circuit hacking: the study of and experimentation with electrical systems.

This includes prototyping, circuit board design, robotics, electronics repair, etc...

RECRUITING! Maintainer volunteers wanted, consider volunteering to become a maintainer. (Edit)

Events[edit | edit source]

Sen Say Says: "May the electrons be with you"

Circuit Hacking Monday[edit | edit source]

Happy hardware hackers at Circuit Hacking Monday Happy hardware hackers at Circuit Hacking Monday Noisebridge Soldering Workshop.jpg

What: Weekly get-together to learn cool stuff! WE ARE MOVING NOISEBRIDGE PHYSICALLY SOON(<60 days to go)

...so with that in mind, part of circut hacking monday will be to help box up and learn about all the parts we have in our parts library.

There are more than 4000 kinds of parts that need to be labeled and boxed up.

As we go through them we can take breaks and learn about what they are.

ALSO: Since each part has a function we will take our time to learn about them and how to use Computer languages to interact with that part.

Long term Main goal for this class is learning about Internet of Things.

IOT: Is the idea of smart gadgets in a person's life. and how to use the data that is generated by said object(which can be anything) eg: Smart shoes, Smart Homes, Smart dogs ect...

We run the class completely on donations and after about 60 days from now we will have soldering classes back up and running. (No hot-shop work for now.) see discuss and NB for more info.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Electronics Lab[edit | edit source]

The Electronics Lab is located on the south wall of 2169, straight ahead as you enter the space. It has soldering irons, racks of components, oscilloscopes, multimeters and other electronics related stuff.

We have some cool expensive stuff that needs TLC and care abd should not be thrown away:

  • Othermill Pro
  • Litetracer Pick n Place
  • reflow ovens
  • other stuff to add later

To dos:

-take pics and categorize this gear and other nice gear

-make laminated signs for this gear

-decide which ones need traning and TLC

Electronic Parts[edit | edit source]

Electronic parts are being searchable from within noisebridge at Click me! using stuff-org by user:hzeller