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(Every 4th Sunday)
(Elements of Image Making: Alternative Optics, Processes & Techniques)
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= Elements of Image Making: Alternative Optics, Processes & Techniques=
November 4th, Sunday 4pm! We returning better then ever, and kicking off our new form with a workshop on Hand Processing!!!!!!!!!!!
==External Resources==
*[http://http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helen_Hill Helen Hill's] [http://www.angoleiro.com/cine_texts/recipes_for_disaster_hill.pdf Recipes for Disaster] is a zine featuring lots of filmmakers from N. America talking about various direct film techniques.  Super Awesome!
* [http://www.philiphoffman.ca/filmfarm/ Film Farm] Canadian independent imaging retreat operating for 20+ years.
*[http://handmadecinema.com/ HandmadeCinema.com] Interactive concept map about the history, theory and techniques of handmade film.
*[http://www.handmadefilm.org/ Handmade Film Institute] Situated outside of Boulder Co, hosts classes, workshops and retreats in handmade film processes, also features a plethora of technical info on darkroom chemistry.
*[http://www.delicious.com/jihalprin delicious.com/jihalprin] List of resources/articles about DIY cinematography; light meter use, optics, sound recording, processing....
*[http://scratchatopia.tumblr.com/ Scratchatopia] Montreal based filmmaker Steven Woloshen's Tumblr. Links/articles/awesome!
*[http://www.kenpaulrosenthal.com/antidote.htm Antidote for a Virtual World] by [http://www.kenpaulrosenthal.com Ken Paul Rosenthal] Comprehensive guide to hand processing reversal film.

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