Elements of Image Making

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Elements of Image Making: Alternative Optics, Processes & Techniques

Sunday March 31st


  • Learn to use a bolex film camera!
  • Learn how to hand process film
  • Learn how to use a 16mm projector

We will take a bolex to dolores park/wherever film some stuff and then come back to noise bridge and develop it. If all goes well and the film is dry we will visit our neighbors, Artist Television Access, and project the film.

Hand Processing is back in 2013!!!!!!

External Resources

  • Helen Hill's Recipes for Disaster is a zine featuring lots of filmmakers from N. America talking about various direct film techniques. Super Awesome!
  • Film Farm Canadian independent imaging retreat operating for 20+ years.
  • HandmadeCinema.com Interactive concept map about the history, theory and techniques of handmade film.
  • Handmade Film Institute Situated outside of Boulder Co, hosts classes, workshops and retreats in handmade film processes, also features a plethora of technical info on darkroom chemistry.
  • delicious.com/jihalprin List of resources/articles about DIY cinematography; light meter use, optics, sound recording, processing....
  • Scratchatopia Montreal based filmmaker Steven Woloshen's Tumblr. Links/articles/awesome!
  • Antidote for a Virtual World by Ken Paul Rosenthal Comprehensive guide to hand processing reversal film.
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