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This page is for documenting the performance of the Noisebridge Equipment Fund, which was initially seeded by a $15,000 grant from Google. Since Noisebridge is in a relatively stable financial position, consensus was to spend the grant money on new equipment with John Shutt coordinating accounting and reimbursement.

Current Status

There is $15,000 left in the equipment fund. This number may not reflect promised reimbursements.

Acquisition Process

List ideas here and discuss with the community to make sure there is interest in a particular piece of equipment and a place to put it. The fund will not cover the full cost of the item — you need to raise half of the cost on your own, and the fund will match the other half. This keeps our fundraising muscles strong and proves that there is legitimate interest in getting the item. Consider setting up a project-specific donation page

Reimbursement will happen through PayPal so that recordkeeping and end-of-year accounting will be easier. If anyone wants to help with accounting, contact John Shutt.


Price Name Approved? Purchased? Notes
??? Laser cutter buildout costs. Approved, acquired. Jarrod is gathering receipts to be reimbursed.
$1000 New sewing machine. Approved, acquired. Purchased at a discount by Kyle, John Shutt advanced $500 to purchase and should be reimbursed.
$160 5lb halotron fire extinguisher Approved, acquired. Purchased by Scotty, who should be reimbursed $80.
Cheap, very safe tooling for working with aluminum pours Proposed by Trent.
New table saw "with a sawstop" - Scotty. Proposed by Torrie.
A very nice 3D printer Proposed by Torrie.
Storage-ish things for the sparkleforge Proposed by Torrie.
Another first aid box Proposed by Torrie.
Big ass cnc router Proposed by Trent.
The most amazing bad actor proof rfid door entrance system ever Proposed by teratoma.
MIG welder Proposed by Scotty.
Primarily tile and ventilation work for the SparkleForge Proposed by Scotty.
Welding curtain Proposed by Scotty.
Chop saw with a proper guard Proposed by Scotty.
Replace our lathe with something that’s not completely falling apart and broken Proposed by Scotty.
Floor or tabletop metal punch Proposed by Miloh.
Metal break, available as floor or tabletop model Proposed by Miloh.
Circle cutters Proposed by Miloh.
Dust management for the woodshop Proposed by augur. " i was thinking it might be good to look into a nice powerful motor and a multi-tube octopus-like ceiling fixture that connects to all the work areas. or something like that. something that lets us get all of the dust immediately and with ease, so that people will be more inclined to use it"
Xerox phaser 8560 Proposed by Miloh.
$450 Axidraw. Approved, acquired. swartzcr has purchased and collected $180 in donations so far. $45 more and we can reimburse the other half, $225.