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[[Category:Pages with a Noisebridge Tiny URL]]
[[Category:Pages with a Noisebridge Tiny URL]]
<gallery mode="packed-hover">
File:Ct3-06.jpg|''[[commons:Psetta maxima|Psetta maxima]]'' (Turbot)
File:044.jpg|''[[commons:Psetta maxima|Psetta maxima]]'' (Turbot)
File:045.jpg|''[[commons:Psetta maxima|Psetta maxima]]'' (Turbot)
File:046.jpg|''[[commons:Psetta maxima|Psetta maxima]]'' (Turbot)
File:047.jpg|''[[commons:Psetta maxima|Psetta maxima]]'' (Turbot)
File:048.jpg|''[[commons:Psetta maxima|Psetta maxima]]'' (Turbot)

Latest revision as of 18:13, 5 May 2014

The Espresso Machine needs some tlc.

We bypassed the leaky milk frother and the machine rose from the ashes to make 1 shot of espresso before dying again. It now blinks as if it were heating the water. The heater does get hot, and putting a hi-pot on the heater thermistor to simulate a higher temperature does not work.

It is on a cart in the kitchen with the milk frother parts. We will mess with it again soon.

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