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If you care about being excellent and would like to share and learn what it means from a foundation rooted in science, this group may be of interest to you. All that is required is that you be respectful, mindful, empathetic, and honest during your time there. This group is for anyone who feels they have a unique perspective to share (with respect to time) and has a passion for innovation, experimentation, and the design process.

No prior Academic knowledge is required.

Mind OS

By: Paul Dobransky

File:MindOS part1.pdf File:MindOS part2.pdf

A parable

 Rabbit, Rat, Turtle story on decision making
 constructive, destructive decision
 no decision ==> mental illness

Personal boundries

inside 100% // outside 0% control

 Our resources exist within our personal boundaries
 There's a balance between totally open and totally closed off where interdependence shines


  • Emotional -- confidence & well-being
  • Decision making -- intuition & conscience
    • constructively expressed as humor and anticipation
    • destructively expressed as denial, projection and splintering
    • momentum carries ourselves into constructive or destructive vectors
  • Intellect -- education(L) & experience(R)
    • constructively expressed as curiosity(L) and imagination(R)
    • destructively expressed as prejudice(L) and ignorance(R)
      • Left brain:
        • orderly logical planned and linear
        • past oriented
        • able to do repetitive tasks. automation.
      • Right brain:
        • disorganized flexible creative and adaptable
        • future oriented
        • adaptation to future possibilities. calibration.

Stress depletes resources. Well maintained personal boundries create durable: