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* [[Communication and collaboration]] up to date
* [[Communication and collaboration]] up to date
* Temporary IE
* [[Temporary IE]]

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This project is about creating an incubator which allows for a creation of a controlled environment which is as friendly to the microbial cultures as possible. The first and most important feature will be the ability to oscillate temperatures in a controlled manner. The idea behind is that the cultures which are composed from many different microorganisms with different temperature optima would proliferate at temperature oscillations rather than at one set temperature which will favor just some of them. The goal is to keep the cultures like kombucha, kefir etc. as biodiverse as possible aiming to improve the vitality of the culture, it's probiotic qualities and also it's taste. Here are the details for the current Prototype proposal which is based on arduino clone control element, temperature sensor and peltier heating and cooling source. The device will be build to comply with principles of low energy consumption, easy to repair and upgradeable structures, sturdiness, all in accordance with the concept of environmental friendliness. This project is based on an open source aiming to bring together interested people from various backgrounds collaborating making this tool available to as many brewers and food hackers as possible.

Key Words: experimental incubator; temperature regulation; temperature oscillation; measurement of electricity consumption; upgradeable; environmentally friendly; open source; brewing; fermentations.

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