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This project is about creating an incubator which will be able to oscillate temperatures in a controlled manner. The idea behind is to create as friendly environment for the microbes as possible with the aim on cultures which are composed from many different microorganisms with different temperature optima. The goal is to keep the cultures like kombucha, kefir etc. as biodiverse as possible aiming to improve the vitality of the culture, it's probiotic qualities and also it's taste. The prototype should be based on arduino control element, temperature sensor and simple heat source like air heater or aquarium heater. I believe that because of the climate conditions in Ireland, this piece of equipment is essential for success of larger fermentation movement.

  • Brew Master/kvasir - proposed Frantisek Apfelbeck - I would like to coordinate this activity because this is really on the top of my list quite for a while already

  • Project structure and schedule

short time goals

- measure temperature through thermistor sensor connected to the arduino microcontroller

- switching on and off a heating element to keep the culture at a constant temperature

medium term goals

- oscillate the temperature in a controlled manner, with energy efficiency being crucial part of the project

- create well insulated unit where the fermenting cultures will be kept

- make a prototype of a kit which can be easily assembled and used as a central unit for the experimental incubator

long term goals

- to develop a robust incubator which is allowing general public to do various types of fermentations on day to day basis in a simple and repetitive way

- create an experimental incubator which can detect various factors like temperature, pH, level of dissolved oxygen, CO2, turbidity, culture count etc.

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