Feminist Book Club for Men

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Has a woman ever told you that something you said or did isn't okay, but then not spent an hour of her time teaching you why? Here's an opportunity to understand why and learn one way to be a better person, in a safe environment where you're free to be wrong the first two times.



Our first book is Feminism is for Everybody by bell hooks. It's available in paperback, and there are copies at several SFPL branches.

For future meetings, the plan is to take a thoughtful walk through Shanley's feminist reading list. Here are some other suggestions:

Further suggestions are welcome.

Why Men?

Why have a feminist bookclub for men? Women shouldn't have to spend all their time teaching men about feminism, or how not to be jerks. There's plenty to read on this topic, and men should be responsible for teaching themselves. Women are of course welcome, but shouldn't feel obliged to come: there are lots of more interesting things to do than teach men how to be decent human beings.