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Start-Up Costs

This section is for estimates of start-up costs. Story so far:

  • Move-in cost for space (assume 3x month's rent) : $6000 assuming $2000/mo rent
  • Three months' rent reserve : $6000 assuming $2000/mo rent
  • Cost of incorporation as non-profit/LLC/whatever (if we do that) : $444
   - The Company Corporation quotes $444 for their "complete" package for a California corp/LLC/nonprofit, use that for now
   - Note: nonprofit incorporation does not automatically imply we are tax deductible! 
  • Initial insurance cost : $500 - $2500 per year
  • Initial cost for drinks to sell : ?? (May be zero due to Club Mate donations?)
  • Initial cost for space improvements, making keys, etc. : ??
  • Noisebridge Costco card (if desired vs. some members buying on their own) : $50
  • Initial equipment costs (not including donations) : ??

Estimate so far for start-up cost: $17449 + ??.

DavidMolnar ideally would like to see 2x whatever this estimated number is as starting capital, but that may be overkill.

Potential Income

Monthly Expenses and Dues

SWAG at monthly expenses:

  • $2k rent (nets ~1k sq ft)
  • $300 utilities (I'm TOTALLY making this up just to have a number, not even sure what all I mean it to include)
    • PG&E, Water? (shared w/ NoStarch?), trash/recycling, insurance split over a year, ISP (I recommend
  • $100 misc (toilet paper, juice, resistors)

Expected Costs for buying drinks: ? (Check CostCo prices) Expected Revenue from selling drinks: ? (Next number tells us what this is ; ) Expected Profit from selling drinks: ~300-800$

Q. (by DavidMolnar editing w/o logged in): Is this realistic? metalab clears this much, but assuming we can come out of the gate and obtain the same revenue seems optimistic.
A. Yeah, 300$ is very realistic - that's like 8 drinks per day sold at a $1.2 profit. Our initial calculations were without drinks too because we didn't believe it. But we had huge sales really quickly. People tend to drink a lot while hanging around at a Hacker Space. --Enki 12:33, 18 January 2008 (PST)

total $2100

number of members monthly dues
10 $210
20 $105
40 $52
60 $35
80 $30
100 $21

Committed So Far

We have collected the following money:

  • $221 at meeting, held by Mitch Altman

Total in hand: $221

We have the following pledges:

Total pledged: $2220/mo, $7150 start-up

Opening a Bank Account

Once we incorporate, we will open a bank account.

Anyone interested in making bank recommendations, please contact your favorite bank(s), and add you info about the bank on this page: Bank Choices. We will choose a bank from these recommendations (at the next meeting?).