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Noisebridge needs money to run. Quite a lot, actually. Its about $5,000/mo.

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Monthly Expenses and Dues

Typical monthly amount Expense category Notes
$4,356.00 Rent Up from $3960 last year
$789.08 Tor Project Self-supporting but income is counted in our totals
$526.18 Utilities Will add more info.
$235.35 Accounting Mostly CPA fees for dealing with the state
$192.33 Garbage & Recycling Twice weekly pickup is more expensive
$189.29 Printing T-shirts and stickers
$183.48 Insurance An annual expense
$180.38 Internet Monkeybrains and Sonic
$161.40 Water SFPUC
$104.74 Bank Fees Mostly paypal
$25.33 Misc PO box, misc 2169 repair supplies

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