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===Member Dues===
===Member Dues===
We have two official Membership rates, both with the same privilages and responsibilities. The rate you choose is up to you, and you can change it at any time.
Pay what you {can,want,may,are able} is the rule of the day. If you're making $100,000 a year, please consider that it's lame to pay the absolute minimum of ~$60-75. If you're a starving and broke member, please do not stress about paying insane amounts of money. Money is not the most important thing to our group but we will of course require it to survive. It doesn't really matter what method (egold, paypal, google checkout, cash, sack of quarters, credit card, etc - ) you use to pay your membership fees. However, please be mindful of fees or major time sinks! If you pay via paypal, we'll lose some percentage of the incoming funds. If you bring in a sack of quarters, we're going to be up all night counting. If you're planning to be a member for a year, consider a simple check or cash payment in one lump sum.
The Regular Membership Dues are $80 per month.  The Starving Hacker Membership Dues are $40 per month.
'''[[Donate or Pay Dues| Click here for info on how to pay your Membership Dues]].'''
If you're planning to be a member for a year, consider a simple check or cash payment in one lump sum.
===Physical Supplies===
===Physical Supplies===

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