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==NoiseBridge Finance Policy - Currently in Draft for Discussion form==
==NoiseBridge Finance Policy - Currently in Draft for Discussion form==

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NoiseBridge Finance Policy - Currently in Draft for Discussion form[edit]

Minimum Reserve[edit]

It seems reasonable to create a NoiseBridge bank account. It should have at least six months' expenses to pay rent, insurance, ISP, power, and for various consumable supplies. Currently we're in the burn rate evaluation phase. Once we've determined our average monthly burn rate, we'll know how much we should keep in the bank.

NoiseBridge should fund raise if our bank account balance falls below five months of our average burn rate. It seems reasonable to continue until balance exceeds seven months or more of a nice money cushion.

We may have rent parties in the same spirit as NYC Resistor. We may also simply make phone calls and ping our network. We may want to teach classes but it's counter to our spirit to charge for them (except possibly for parts cost, this TBD). If we're really feeling adventurous, we can apply for grants.

Bank Account Access[edit]

Noisebridge corporate account will probably have debit cards or checks. The board should allocate some petty cash for having in the space and will otherwise sign checks as stipulated by the membership. Anyone that's signing checks will also report financial status updates in an open manner.

The finances will be published, hopefully in real time. Transparency is key. We want to avoid major issues with money by letting it all hang out.

We'd like someone to help research a second short-term CD or other interest-bearing account as a complement to the checking account. Such an account should have a restriction to control release of funds. It seems reasonable to have funds released to the checking account only.

Member Dues[edit]

We have two official Membership rates, both with the same privilages and responsibilities. The rate you choose is up to you, and you can change it at any time.

The Regular Membership Dues are $80 per month. The Starving Hacker Membership Dues are $40 per month.

Click here for info on how to pay your Membership Dues.

If you're planning to be a member for a year, consider a simple check or cash payment in one lump sum.

Physical Supplies[edit]

Donations of equipment and other physical goods do not count as member dues. It certainly will help your reputation as being a generous member of the community but it won't pay the rent. It's possible that we'll consider exceptions as a membership. Consider donating things for NoiseBridge use, however - we do not accept things with strings attached.

We have drinks and food in the kitchen. Costs are being evaluated. It's an honors system bar. If it doesn't work, we'll change things.