First aid and CPR class

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The local chapter of American Red Cross will come out and give us a class at any time we want. They promise 24x7 availability. To me, this is appealing because their regularly scheduled classes start at 8 AM. If you've ever thought about it, you want to get in on this.

They give detailed information on the facilities that are required for the class. We're going to have to come up with 600 sq. ft. of space, which I do not believe we have. We need space to get down on the floor with the dummies. Was someone mentioning another space nearby who would be sympathetic to training activities?

Sign up for interest in First aid and/or CPR. First aid certification is good for 3 years, CPR is good for 1.

First Aid

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If we get enough interest, all the stuff we need is on the Red Cross workplace training website

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