Five Minutes of Fame

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Five Minutes of Fame

What is it?

Five Minutes of Fame (FMoF) is an adaptation of CCC's Lightning Talks. The idea is that we have ten 5 minute talks within an hour. Talks can be shorter than five minutes, but can be no longer.

When and Where does it happen?

Third Thursday of every month at 8pm, at Noisebridge. (note: this has not been solidified, and if there is a change the wiki will be updated)

Why are we doing this?

There are many reasons:

  • Some people are working on projects that are not ready for a full 30 minute or hour long talk, but they want to get their ideas out. Maybe they need help, maybe they want to propose an idea to the Noisebridge community.
  • Some people are shy to public speaking and want to practice without giving an "official" conference talk, which can be daunting. This is a great way to try it out, in a community of peers.
  • It's great for people who are interested in what's going on at Noisebridge, but don't want to have to sit through a full lecture.
  • San Francisco is the mecca for startups. If you're trying to sell your idea to someone, you need to be able to explain it in five minutes or less.
  • "The Law of Fives"

How can I participate?

Easy - sign up to give a talk! Contact aestetix either by email (aestetix [@] or on #noisebridge on IRC.

We are still working out the details of things, but the sooner you submit a talk, the better. Ideally we could have a talk list sorted out a week before the event.

Other Questions

Can anyone attend or speak?

I think for the first run, we should keep things limited to Noisebridge members and friends of Noisebridge members, just to control the flow.

What if I show up late?

If you are giving a talk, please notify me so we can rearrange the schedule. If you want to see a talk that you're going to miss, find the person who gave it and chat with them for five minutes :)