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here is where administratey shit goes

Current Thoughts

  • should we have periodic meetings like a real event? we're kind of catch-as-catch-can right now. getting everyone in one place at least once between shows would be good, and would cement a sense of responsibility in our ephemeral staff roster.
  • is there a 5mof mailing list? would be nice to have one under the same setup as nb-discuss etc

Outreach and advertismentation

how we beat people over the head with our presence

  • noisebridge-discuss mailing list
  • noisebridge-announce mailing list
  • noisebridge g+
  • 5mof g+ - do we have one? also google group
  • noisebridge facebook
  • 5mof facebook
  • 5mof twitter account
  • funcheap
  • squidlist
  • sfstation
  • sosh
  • 5mof WEBSITE

Staff, goons, and minions

if you want to be staff, add your name to this list

Danny Obrien Daravinne Carlos Tony Longshanks LeTigre Liz Jonathan

Current Speaker Lineup: December 2012


Audio/Video and Considerations

AI is easy, AV is hard

  • Gear list