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here is where administratey shit goes

Current Thoughts[edit]

  • should we have periodic meetings like a real event? we're kind of catch-as-catch-can right now. getting everyone in one place at least once between shows would be good, and would cement a sense of responsibility in our ephemeral staff roster.
  • is there a 5mof mailing list? would be nice to have one under the same setup as nb-discuss etc
  • we should have a schedule for sending out announcements every month and try to loosely stick to it. i have a 5mof google calendar i set up with reminders mostly for felix's benefit but no one is on it but me right now.
  • i've had like 4 separate actual people say they like the video at the beginning of the show. i'm totally willing to rejigger it to be more streamlined/relevant/whatever but it seems to be popular with the masses.

Outreach and advertismentation[edit]

how we beat people over the head with our presence

  • noisebridge-discuss mailing list
  • noisebridge-announce mailing list
  • noisebridge g+
  • 5mof g+ - do we have one? also google group
  • noisebridge facebook
  • 5mof facebook
  • 5mof twitter account
  • funcheap
  • squidlist
  • sfstation
  • sosh
  • paper flyers

Staff, goons, and minions[edit]

if you want to be staff, add your name to this list

Danny Obrien



Tony Longshanks LeTigre


Jonathan Moore - auxiliary host when danny is out of town

Current Speaker Lineup: December 2012[edit]


Audio/Video and Considerations[edit]

AI is easy, AV is hard

  • Gear list
    • Video camera and tripod
    • 2 microphones (no turntables)
    • spotlight
    • mixer and speakers (generally already set up and connected in the space)
    • cables
      • 4 pin to 9 pin firewire
      • camera power cable
      • audio cable from mixer to camera
      • mic cables
      • audio cable from slide laptop to mixer
    • Laptop for running slides
    • Slide advancer
    • laptop for running video stream