Five Minutes of Fame 2009-03-19

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Slot 0: "Meggy Jr." --Bill Nye Slot 1: "Why your cloud company sucks." --Alex Handy Slot 2: "Payphone Baby Hacks" --R Miloh Alexander Slot 3: "Conductive Fabric Sensors" --Rachel McConnell Slot 4: "Viral Information Transmission" -- Fox "Metaphorge" Circe Slot 5: "Python book for kids" -- Al Sweigart Slot 6: "Go Go SelectorGadget" --Andrew Cantino Slot 7: "Twitter Friendcast" --aestetix Slot 8: "'To err is human, to evolve is divine.'" --Daniel Packer Slot 9: TBA --Karl Long

Additionally, Michael Kan Kan (of hosted a science fair demonstrating some projects he has been working on.

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