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Put your name and title of your presentation - additionally a link if anyone wants to learn more.
Put your name and title of your presentation - additionally a link if anyone wants to learn more.
(we have 10 slots only!)
I made a bootleg R O L E X watch face for a Samsung Gear S2
  Things I did. Installed Certificates
  Made an account on Samsung app store
  Turned off CPU VT for the emulator
    Reboot the hardware watch after each deploy
1. Lee - Bootlegging luxury watches for fun - [[User:SteeleNivenson|SteeleNivenson]]
--[[User:SteeleNivenson|SteeleNivenson]] ([[User talk:SteeleNivenson|talk]]) 08:04, 25 November 2016 (UTC)
2. Luke Iseman and Heather Stewart - "DIY shipping container homes." [http://www.boxouse.com boxouse]
Luke Iseman, "DIY shipping container homes." [http://www.boxouse.com boxouse]
3. Lizzie - Stepping through the linux kernel with GDB
Lizzie "something about security probably"
4. Jonas - ESP-LISP - an interactive lisp on 2USD esp8266 ("arduino++") wifi-computer, jsk - https://github.com/yesco/esp-lisp
5. [[User:Ruthgrace|Ruth]] - "Project documentation: why it's important, where to dump it, projects I've documented"
6. [[User:Elimisteve|Steve Phillips]], [https://github.com/cryptag CrypTag]: Encrypted, taggable, searchable cloud storage + Secure mobile and desktop apps for activists, journalists, and you => Data privacy for every Internet user
7. [http://www.trebor.org Robert Harris], [http://algebranch.org Algebranch]: a tool to manipulate mathematical expressions without paper.
8. John - The Bayview BOOM: Teaching underprivileged teens to build a hardware product. [http://bayviewboom.org BayviewBOOM]
9. Cameron Hejazi - [https://credsign.github.io Credsign]: Permanent, Free Speech on the Ethereum blockchain
10. [[User:Maltman23|Mitch]] - ArduTouch Arduino-compatible Music Synthesizer kit
FULL - Add your talk to [[Five_Minutes_of_Fame_2016_12_08|next week's 5mof]]

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