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Put your name and title of your presentation - additionally a link if anyone wants to learn more.

This 5mof will have no men as speakers. Please do not sign up to speak if you are a man.

n.b. we want to be explicit about our support for trans and nonbinary people. We hope you feel welcome to speak at this event as long as you are not a man. Please feel free to email Lizzie (5mof@lizzie.io) or Jeremy (jeremy.llewellyn@gmail.com) if you have questions or concerns about this event or 5mof in general.

Please also include contact details so that organisers can notify you in case the event needs to be canceled or postponed. A user page with details suffices.

1. User:Lizzard - Zines!! How to make! Some history and thoughts about riot grrrl zines and the early web. Happy zine confetti for all. Write or draw something for a zine by the end of the evening and we'll make a super fast lightning zine collaboratively!

2. Kieryn Darkwater - TBD

3. Natalie - Teaching STEAM to kids

4. nicole - telescope making!

5. User:Tdfischer - Land Use Hacking



8. daravinne - android application reversing 101


10. ruth - grow buckets for food sovereignty (update!)