Five Minutes of Fame 2018 01 18

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Put your name and title of your presentation - additionally a link if anyone wants to learn more.

Please also include contact details so that organisers can notify you in case the event needs to be canceled or postponed. A user page with details suffices.

1. SPIKE BLOK+ When outlets attack! -

3. Any Color Button - morgan

2. Lab Bio - rikke

4. Leela Maps - Leela

5. Ruth Grace Wong -- basics of knitwear manufacturing (ruthgrace on slack and my full name at for email)

6. Zach R. -- Macbook / Apple Logic Board Repairs with a Fuckin' Microscope. (revoltrightnow [a t ] g ma yl)

7. Decentralized AI + Summit -- Dang! @dpg

8. Super Massive Biodynamic Quantum Computing at the World's Fair / Maker Fair - Leo Madrid

9. Bug Farming - Tequila Ray Snorkel (slack by same name) and ?

10. Lee Azzarello - Making music with your computer and SuperCollider