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OCTOBER 18, 2018

8:00pm Third Thursdays

3rd Floor 2169 Mission Street

You are welcome and somewhat encouraged to have a power point to accompany your presentation. If you go over 5 minutes, we will kindly cut you off with applause. All presentations will be televised, live for your viewing pleasure on our youtube account!

Find the Meet Up page for this event here

To sign up follow the example below:

1. first name, e-mail, slack handle (if you're in NB slack), topic of discussion.

1. Matthew,, @rando, bootstrapping society and culture

2. brêno,, Hi, I am a wandering hermit and I have some rather unconventional ideas about social networking

3. Connor,, Seeing the Unseen: A Comparison of Virtual and Non Virtual Reflectance Transformation Imaging From Photogrammetric Models

4. Tim No you can't do that with Genetic Engineering!


- intermission -

6. Ramon,, Adventures in Piano Building: 5 Minute Edition

7. Syed Hemu Rahman,, Raising and Burning $3.4m on Kickstarter!

8. Emanuele Cesena,, @0x0ece, Solo: the first open source FIDO2 security key - live on Kickstarter!

9. James Sundquist, @jslack, Cool tools you can use right now at Noisebridge!

10. Lee Azzarello - Digital Synthesis on Monome Norns Hardware