Five Minutes of Fame 2018 11 15

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Thursday November 15, 2018 8:00PM

8:00pm Third Thursdays

3rd Floor 2169 Mission Street

You are welcome and somewhat encouraged to have a power point to accompany your presentation. If you go over 5 minutes, we will kindly cut you off with applause. All presentations will be televised, live for your viewing pleasure on our YouTube account!

Find the Meet Up page for this event here

To sign up follow the example below:

1. Talk title or topic; first name or alias, e-mail (optional), slack handle (if you're in NB slack).

1."To be determined for half a sandwich: a biohacking talk devised at the last minute.", @Tim


3. "My own, personal, several month long, STUPID SHIT NO ONE NEEDS AND TERRIBLE IDEAS HACKATHON", Jeremy,, @jermops

4. "Making Humans More Effective with Free, Secure Software"; Steve,, @elimisteve



6. Jonathan Kibrick, How I reroute Muni for protests!

7. David,, Pacifism: Social Hacking as a Quaker

8. "Easy DIY Lithium Cell Balancing Charger" Johny Radio


10. "Secrets of the Pastryarchy: Hacking the chemistry of pie crust", Helena,, @helena