Five Minutes of Fame 2020 12 17

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Thursday December 17th 2020 8:00PM

8:00pm Third Thursdays


You are welcome and somewhat encouraged to have slides to accompany your presentation. All presentations will be televised, live for your viewing pleasure on our YouTube Channel!

Virtual meeting link: (Camera and Mic optional)

To sign up, fill in a blank spot like this example:

0. Talk title or topic; first name or alias; e-mail (to contact you); Slack handle (if you're in NB slack, but slack is lame).


  1. TJ : Autonomous RC car
  2. Ⅹ : C.L. Magni NoiseBot
  3. Zack : Hacking Touch Sensors and Cool Nightlights

-10 minutes-

  1. Morgan : NueroTech
  2. Robot : ???
  3. m00n.b3yb 5 Minutes LIVE