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Thursday, April 29th, 8pm, Noisebridge

  • 5 minutes
  • 10 slides on 30 second autoadvance
    • 1 title – stick to the topic!
    • 9 random graphs or pictures
  • 12 speakers (2 chosen on the spot), random order, random topic
  • Hail Eris!


  • Come early, set up chairs / sound / video recording / booze / etc
  • Email me random pictures & graphs
  • Tell everyone to come! Use the tweeters and the bookfaces and such.
  • Come, have a drink, enjoy the show!

I currently have 10 speakers, 12 titles, and 46 slides (of 108). There will be at least 2 slots for on-the-spot speakers (first to the mic wins), plus to replace whoever doesn't show; if you come up with a cleverer title than one I have, I'll use it; and I still need lots of pictures/graphs to use for slides.


One thing I'm not decided on yet: should speakers a) not see anything at all until the audience does, or b) see a preview of the *next* slide only (in presenter mode, i.e. speaker sees current and next slide, audience only sees current)

b) would allow for more connected riffs with less flustery reaction; it also means they get a few seconds to prepare before they start the talk. a) would be more sheer random wtfery.

IME @ Notacon, I thought that the "WTF?" reaction from presenters being just flatfooted by the next slide got old/annoying pretty fast (and took time away from their talk). I'd like to see people give talks with a certain amount of thought. Granted, the whole point of this is to be weird and random and spontaneous - but not necessarily to *actually* flail. :-P

OTOH, flail itself is funny, especially with alcohol, and would force people to be more spontaneous.

I'm currently inclined towards a), or possibly to doing a 50-50 test run to .


- Sai