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===Requirement for Bottles===
===Requirement for Bottles===
* Approximately 12 oz (which is the average beer/soda bottle size)
* Clear glass only
* Rinsed out with water
===Bottles are known to work===
Check out this [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zdod43IjRIaBHS1P-Tu2uoYlBOLzDRJtwIGOXMmya3A/edit#gid=0 amazing matrix of beverages and sellers]!
Check out this [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zdod43IjRIaBHS1P-Tu2uoYlBOLzDRJtwIGOXMmya3A/edit#gid=0 amazing matrix of beverages and sellers]!
* We need a good amount of Coronita bottles.
* We need a good amount of Coronita bottles.
* Corona
* Corona
* Club Mate
* Club Mate
''Please rinse bottles after drinking them''

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Noisebridge Logo FlaschenTaschen.jpg


What's the project?

We are building a display at Noisebridge inspired by projects such as Muro de botellas or Mate Light. Our goal is to have this completed for Maker Faire 2016 to be shown as part of our booth. Then the display will be permanently installed within Noisebridge.

This idea was triggered by the c-base matelight display shown at the 32c3 and the 2015 Chaos Communication Camp. Our code that drives many LED strips from a Raspberry Pi is on Flaschen-Taschen github.

FlaschenTaschen is planned to be 9' 9" wide 7' 7" tall (about 3m x 2.3m) and host 1575 lights. See the drawings at the bottom of this page for the current design information.

We'd like your help with this. Very soon we will be scheduling build nights, build/drink ups, and drink ups. So please keep in touch.

In this blog post you see some work-in-progress video.

Also here is a photo from Mid February.


Drink Ups

This project requires a lot of bottles, so we'll want to setup a bunch of "Shut Up, Drink Up, Hack Up" events at Noisebridge.
Drink Up Mucha Bottles of Corona on Thursday 2016-03-24!!!

Requirement for Bottles

Check out this amazing matrix of beverages and sellers!

  • We need a good amount of Coronita bottles.
  • Corona
  • Club Mate

Please rinse bottles after drinking them

Where to buy in bulk

List out where we could buy some of these in bulk for the drink ups

Costco should have Corona for <= $1 a bottle.


There is a server running on ft.noise that supports three protocols:

The native protocol is particularly simple: for instance, try the following all in the comfort of you shell (in bash, to be precise, that conveniently provides the /dev/udp pseudo-path):

 bash$ jpegtopnm myimage.jpg | pnmscale -xysize 20 20 > /dev/udp/ft.noise/1337

There are utilities in the repository to send arbitrary images (including animated gifs) or even videos. It is also extremely simple to write your own client in any language that supports networking (See protocols section in documentation).

See all the details here https://github.com/hzeller/flaschen-taschen

Current Mechanical Design Documentation

This .PDF file is the current drawing set. Please take a look.


FlaschenTaschen 2016-0131 Cropped.jpg

Production Schedule

Due Date Event / Required Goals

2016-04-17 48 Show Ready crates complete

2016-04-22 Software and Electronics night!

2016-04-23 Crate build: Catch up day.

2016-04-24 54 Show Ready crates complete

2016-05-01 60 Show Ready crates complete

2016-05-08 FlaschenTaschen - Substantial Completion - All Show Ready crates completed, mounted, and stacked. Minor tweaks to construction allowed. Software/Hardware development continues if needed. Create list of final Tasks

2016-05-08 66 Show Ready crates complete

2016-05-15 FlaschenTaschen Final Completion

2016-05-18 Pack FlaschenTaschen for Maker Faire

2016-05-19 MakerFaire Setup Day - Transport to San Mateo

2016-05-19 Pre Maker Faire 5MoF?

2016-05-20 MAKER FAIRE!!!

2016-05-22 Maker Faire Takedown and Transport home to NB

2016-05-28 Begin Install of FlaschenTaschen crates at Noisebridge.